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கெயிட்டியில் இயேசுநாதரும் புத்தபிரானும்

மனித உருவில் புனிதர்களின் அவதாரம்

கெயிட்டியில் துன்பப்படும் மக்களுக்கு ஆதரவளிக்கும் இயேசு நாதரும் புத்தபிரானும்

மானிட உருவில் அவதாரம் எடுத்ததாகக் கூறப்படும் இருபெரும் ஆசான்கள் (MASTERS)


Master Jesus and Buddha Maitreya in Haiti

I have just come back on 18 January 2010 from Haiti and my impression is that sharing is taking place there. I was two days in Port au Prince to make two broadcasts with testimonies and my impressions as a journalist, for Radio Santa Maria and Latin American Association for Radio Education (ALER) with 200 radio stations in 17 Latin American countries.

Briefly, this is what I saw: in the midst of the chaos, stands out the peaceful attitude of the people, despite the lack of basic services, clean water and food, of governmental, civic, religious or other kind of organizations, as nothing exists presently. Only people, in waves, walking on the streets, coming from nowhere and going to nowhere. But calm, making space at night, to sleep wherever they can.

There are some outbreaks of violence due to the fact that the prisons were also destroyed and all the inmates ran away. But the people have not lost the sense of the sacred and attend Mass.

I was everywhere in Port au Prince, including Carrefour, which was the earthquake epicentre. At that time there was a Mass taking place.
I looked around and when I came close to a group of people, I noticed a woman and what seemed to be her granddaughter. Her attitude was so outstanding that I took some photos of both of them. I made some gentle gestures to the little girl, who remained serious although at the end smiled. I gave them a box of biscuits and a carton of milk. I am sending photos I took of the woman and the little girl alongside others from Port au Prince.
Were they special people? In spite of the destruction and death, this earthquake has aroused a wave of solidarity and sharing between two peoples, Haitian and Dominican, with a long history of communication problems between them and also from Europe, the United States and Latin America, coinciding with the first public appearance of Maitreya. Is this an example of sharing between people? Many thanks.
J.E.T., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the ‘woman’ was the Master Jesus and the ‘little girl’, Maitreya.)

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